hue personal wireless lighting

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Open Source

This product contains software licensed under an open source license. For acknowledgements and license texts, see below. Signify B.V. hereby offers to deliver, upon request, a copy of the complete corresponding source code for the copyrighted open source software packages used in this product for which such delivery is requested by the respective licenses. This offer is valid up to three years after purchase or software update to anyone in receipt of this information. To obtain source code, please send your request in English with product type to If you prefer not to use email or if you do not receive confirmation receipt within 2 weeks after mailing to this email address, please write in English to "Signify Intellectual Property (HTC7), Attn: Open Source Team, P.O. Box 80020, 5600 JM Eindhoven, The Netherlands". If you do not receive timely confirmation of your letter, please email to the email address above.

The licenses are available here.